Communities Beyond Facebook & WhatsApp

June 14, 2023
Communities Beyond Facebook & WhatsApp

In an era marked by virtual connections and digital walls, genuine neighbourly bonds have become increasingly elusive. Feelings of isolation and loneliness have permeated our lives, affecting personal and communal health, and therefore building a strong sense of community has become more important than ever before. While social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp community groups have served as popular platforms for this purpose, there are inherent limitations that prevent them from fully meeting the needs of neighbours and creating thriving resilient communities. In this blog, we will explore seven reasons why neighbours deserve more than what Facebook and WhatsApp community groups offer or in some cases - don’t offer.

1. Hyper-Local Relevance: Your Neighbourhood, Your Focus

When it comes to connecting with neighbours, relevance is key. Unlike Facebook and WhatsApp, which encompass broad communities, making it difficult to filter out irrelevant information. Your community group and neighbours deserves a platform that zeros in on local matters. By shifting to a more tailored approach, you can enjoy interactions, events, and discussions that are directly impactful to you.

2. Verified Users: Building Trust and Authentic Connections

Authenticity is crucial in building meaningful relationships with your neighbours. While Facebook and WhatsApp community groups may have anonymous profiles and fake accounts, it's time for a change. Neighbours deserve a platform where users are verified to actually live in the community, fostering a trustworthy environment and facilitating genuine connections.

3. Privacy Protection: Safeguarding Your Personal Information

Privacy concerns are paramount in today's digital landscape. Facebook and WhatsApp's data practices have raised red flags, leaving users uncertain about the safety of their personal information and in some cases even moving off those platforms. Neighbours deserve a platform that prioritizes privacy and ensures that their data is not shared with any third parties or used in any manipulative ways, providing peace of mind and a secure space for community engagement.

4. Inclusivity Matters: Accessible to All Neighbours

Community groups on Facebook and WhatsApp may also exclude neighbours who prefer alternative platforms for the reasons mentioned here or face other accessibility challenges. Inclusivity is a fundamental aspect of community building, and neighbours deserve a platform that accommodates their diverse preferences and ensures equal participation for all.

5. Community Marketplace: Connecting Neighbours through Trade and Services

Neighbourhood connections extend beyond social interactions. A thriving community deserves a marketplace tailored to its unique needs, enabling neighbours to offer services, rent or sell items, and access exclusive local deals. By transitioning to a platform that includes a dedicated community marketplace, neighbours can connect in more meaningful ways while also supporting local businesses.

6. Social Programming and Events: Strengthening Community Bonds

Building a strong community requires opportunities for neighbours to come together in person. While Facebook and WhatsApp groups facilitate virtual interactions, they lack any aspect of customized and relevant social programming and events for the needs of the community. Neighbours need a platform that not only connects them virtually but also offers customized local events, workshops, and other opportunities for gatherings that foster stronger community bonds between neighbours living in the same building.

7. Measurable Impact: Empowering Neighbourhood Growth

A vibrant neighbourhood is one where residents can make a tangible impact. Facebook and WhatsApp groups typically lack the tools to create measurable change within the community. By embracing a platform that empowers residents to contribute to local commerce, create genuine neighbourly connections, support local businesses, and leverage their skills, neighbours can collectively drive economic growth and foster a thriving neighbourhood.

While Facebook groups and WhatsApp chats have served as popular platforms for community interaction, it's time to unlock a new era of connection and empowerment. Embracing the potential for change in how we build and run our communities is a powerful step towards creating a more inclusive, secure, and engaging environment. It's time to reimagine community engagement that prioritizes hyper-local relevance, verified users, privacy protection, inclusivity, a community marketplace, and social programming that creates a measurable social impact.

Happening Hangeh Community

Introducing Hangeh, a hyper-local community app designed to cater to these needs and create stronger neighbourhood connections. Give Hangeh a try and experience the power of a platform built by neighbours, for neighbours. Together, lets’ elevate community engagement and unlock the full potential of your neighbourhood connections. By creating a new community group for your neighbour or transitioning your existing one to Hangeh, you enable a community that thrives on genuine connections, fosters economic growth, and leaves a lasting social impact. Together, let's reshape the way we build and run our communities, one intentional connection at a time.